OUR MISSION: To provide home delivered meals and transportation services to the homebound elderly of Montgomery County.

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Keith and Nancy – who shared their first kiss in first grade more than 75 years ago – came to Meals on Wheels after Nancy broke her hip. Keith, who is legally blind, says he would love to cook but can’t see well enough to be in the kitchen. They had to wait almost six months before beginning service.

There are more than 400 homebound seniors on that waitlist. See how you can help Eliminate the Waitlist so no homebound senior goes hungry!

I want to help eliminate the waitlist

Keith and Nancy in grade school.

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Meet our seniors, volunteers, and donors. Read about our senior issues, volunteer programs, and more!

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After a lifetime of giving, seniors deserve our time and commitment to helping them remain happy and healthy. Through Meals on Wheels Montgomery County, there are a variety of ways to do that.
With volunteers, we are able to do more and be more. There are many ways in which you can volunteer and support seniors in our community. Learn more abut ways to get involved.
Donations keep our well-oiled machine going. With contributions from people like you, we are able to serve more meals and provide more seniors the opportunity to stay in the comfort of their own home. Learn more about ways to give.
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More Than A Meal

Committed to our seniors since 1973, Meals on Wheels Montgomery County continues to provide home delivered meals, safety checks, and transportation services to homebound seniors living in Montgomery County. With these services, Meals on Wheels Montgomery County’s 500 clients are able to remain safe and happy in their homes, avoid the high costs of nursing home care, and alleviate the stress of caregiving often felt by their family, friends, and neighbors. As our local aging population consistently grows at exponential rates, Meals on Wheels Montgomery County strives to meet the growing demand for services with support from people like you.

Meals on Wheels Montgomery County is proud to announce that more than 90% of all grants and donations go directly towards providing programs and services. Additionally, 100% of your donation will remain in Montgomery County, funding programs that serve local seniors.

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