MEALS on WHEELS: ://Celebrating 45 Years of Service 1973-2018

Celebrating 45 Years of Service 1973-2018

Dear Montgomery County Friends,
I am excited to celebrate Meals on Wheels 45 anniversary with our community! In 1973 Montgomery County had a population of only 75,481. It amazes me that a small town vision of feeding local, homebound seniors would grow into a daily operation with more than 200 volunteers delivering meals to 550 clients across 1,000 square miles. WOW!
The support of community volunteers and donors are the fibers that sustain our operation and allow us to continue to expand services. We would not be able to offer the personal connection to our isolated seniors without the help of “our village”.
I recently went on a meal delivery route and a thought occurred to me as I was visiting with one our clients. My story would someday sound very similar to hers. I know what it was like being young and invincible. And then growing into adulthood, finding a path, whether it is marriage, children, career or all of the above. The days seem like they would go on forever.
The idea washed over me so powerfully that I was moved to tears. Each one of us matters for the entire duration of our life…not just when we are a visible part of the community. A sense of identity and worth become increasingly fragile when age and isolation set in. We must continue to be the bonds that connects generations so no story is forgotten. Thank you for being part of this beautiful mission!
If you would like to join us, please reach out either on FaceBook or phone. We would love to meet you!
Serving together,

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