Coordinate a Food Drive

Stock the Shelves

Malnourishment is a reality for many of our aging neighbors. As we age, signs of hunger dwindle, getting to the store becomes increasingly more difficult, medical bills pile up, and fix increased are stretched past their capacity.

That’s why, in addition to breakfasts and lunches, Meals on Wheels strives to fill the pantries of our most at-risk seniors. Various groups and businesses host food drives focused on 3 main food groups: shelf-stable foods, liquid meals, and pet food. Gather your friends, neighbors, or coworkers to get your food drive started!

The Food

When evaluating the needs of homebound seniors, we found seniors’ greatest needs revolved around 3 primary food groups.

  • SHELF STABLE FOODS: Canned goods and other nonperishable foods are staples when it comes to stocking the shelves! They provide a wide range of flavors and nutrients, and are easy for seniors’ to heat. 
  • LIQUID MEALS: To meet the nutritional needs of all clients, we offers liquid meal options. The shakes provide dense, supplemental nutrition when seniors’ appetites dwindle or they are unable to eat solid foods.
  • PET FOOD: Pets play an important role in the lives of homebound seniors, offering daily love and companionship. When volunteers reported seniors sharing their Meals on Wheels lunches with their pets – going hungry so their furry companion wouldn’t suffer – we knew it was essential to care for our seniors’ pets too.

Complete the form below to download the flyer with requested items, drop off locations, and more. If you have questions, or need boxes to pack your donations, please contact Rhonda at or 936.756.5865.