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Homebound seniors in Montgomery County rely on you – our army of volunteers. In addition to caring for our seniors, volunteers help keep organizational costs down, which means more financial resources to support our seniors. Because of volunteers like you, more than 90% of all funding goes directly towards improving the lives of our aging neighbors.

From physical and emotional support to financial savings, the impact of our volunteers is immeasurable.


Weekly Meal Delivery

Each weekday, 550 seniors wait for a knock at the door from a meal delivery volunteer – the highlight of the day for many of our seniors. We ask volunteers to commit to volunteering 1 day each week (Monday through Friday) to pick up and deliver the meals at 10:30am. Click here for more details and to complete an application online.

Breakfast Bags – Assembly and Saturday Delivery 

Breakfast Bags provide a nonperishable meal to homebound seniors to help them through the weekend. Volunteers host a food drive or purchase the food items, decorate the bags, then assemble the food items into those bags at a time and location of their choosing. Some do it one time, others on a monthly or quarterly basis – it’s totally up to you! Learn more about how you can support our Breakfast Bags program.

NEW! Breakfast Bags are now delivered to seniors on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. Registration to deliver the bags is on a first come first serve basis, you are not committed to volunteering on a weekly basis as you are with regular meal delivery. For a list of upcoming delivery dates, and to register online, visit our Volunteer Events page.

Unique Opportunities 

Other unique volunteer opportunities, such as providing manpower for IRONMAN, arise throughout the year. For a full list of upcoming opportunities, visit our Volunteer Events page.

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